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NestEgg News November 2021

NestEgg News November 2021

November 30, 2021

The markets experienced additional volatility, as it has periodically over the past 10 days as the world begins to understand the Omicron virus which is emerging from south Africa. The markets are concerned the new variant could produce another round of social restrictions which could again impede continued economic progress, resulting in another economic slowdown.

Just 2 weeks ago we were concerned our economy was too strong and producing excessive inflation. The federal reserve was preparing to raise interest rates and accelerate the selling of bonds to unwind the latest round of quantitative easing.

Now the federal reserve has distanced itself from all strategies until it can better understand Omicron and its side effects and potential impact to global trade. In the meantime, gas prices have come down a bit, easing some cost pressures for our working families.

What should long term investors do?

Market volatility is always tough for new and seasoned veteran investors. It never feels good to lose hard earned monies. Remember your investments are well diversified, so that you have conservative stocks, aggressive stocks, etc. Remember you also have low-cost exchange funds, so your cost structure is low. Patience, Patience, Patience. Our economy and markets have been through many difficult situations in the past, and the markets have always rebounded. Our markets will absolutely rebound from this as well. We just don’t know when.

Baby Marshall update!!!!

Baby Marshall looking handsome as always.

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