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Your NESTEGG score

We’ve all heard the term “NESTEGG,” but what does it really represent? We use the term NESTEGG to represent a substantial sum of money that has been saved and invested for a specific purpose, usually retirement.

To see how well you are doing in building your NESTEGG and your ability to reach your retirement goals, we use a scoring system that assigns a numerical value to your progress in achieving your financial goals.

By using your NESTEGG score, we can identify areas in which you are doing well and other areas in which we may help you improve. And it makes no difference whether you are saving and investing for retirement or if you’ve already retired, your NESTEGG score can play an invaluable role in helping you plan for your financial future.

So, what is your NESTEGG score? We invite you to stop by because we’d love to show you.

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