We are writing a book on local women business leaders. Here are some of their inspirational stories.

  • Susan Graham

    Founder, Senior Edge Legal

    Susan Graham is an elder law attorney and founder of Senior Edge Legal in Boise, Idaho. She specializes in helping people who are retired or planning for retirement - and has been doing so for more than 30 years. Susan Graham is not affiliated with Raymond James.

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  • Alicia Ralston

    Owner, Ralston Group Properties

    Alicia Ralston, owner of Ralston Group Properties, gets the biggest joy in life from helping other people. Having grown up in St. Charles, Missouri, she looks back on her childhood with a smile. Alicia Ralston is not affiliated with Raymond James.

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  • Michelle Soderlund

    President, Pinnacle Pension Services, Inc.

    When Michelle Soderlund first decided to move to Boise from Northern California in 1986, her dream was to create a business with a collaborative atmosphere, where employees would share in the growth of her company. Today, as president of Pinnacle Pension Services, Inc., that dream is a reality. Michelle Soderlund is not affiliated with Raymond James.

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  • Sylvia Hampel

    President and CEO, Clearview Cleaning

    Sylvia Hampel’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in at the tender age of nine, when her parents told her she had to make her own money to buy clothes, shoes — even toiletries. Today, she’s president and CEO of Boise, Idaho-based Clearview Cleaning, the largest woman-owned business in the state. Sylvia Hampel is not affiliated with Raymond James.

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  • Kristi Preston

    As a biologist turned trained chocolatier, Kristi Preston knows something about taking chances. The owner of Boise’s gourmet chocolate shop, The Chocolat Bar, says that she focuses less on traditional notions of success and focuses instead on embracing change.

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  • Kristi Saucerman

    Growing a business in today’s competitive environment requires business leaders with nearly superhuman abilities, and a steadfast capacity for superpowers. Kristi Saucerman’s abilities approach the superhuman with the capacity for super powers literally overflowing from one bucket to the next.

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  • Jessica Williams

    Jessica Williams’ road to becoming partner at Little Morris LLP, a certified public accounting firm based in Boise, that has been anything but easy. But if anyone has fully demonstrated the ability to overcome obstacles to obtain one’s goals, it’s her.

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  • Kim Siegenthaler

    Kim Siegenthaler never expected to own a business. “I always thought I was going to be a really good employee.” Yet Kim is Principal Landscape Architect and co-owner of Jensen Belts Associates, one of Boise’s most recognizable landscape architecture, site planning, and urban design firms.

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  • Connie Miller

    Childhood mentors changed Connie Miller’s life, and she’s committed to returning the favor. As CEO of Icon Credit Union, she has plenty on her plate. But she is so passionate about girls’ mentorship that she spends an inordinate amount of time volunteering for youth leadership organizations like Girl Scouts, Junior Achievement and the YMCA.

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  • Melinda McCaslin

    Melinda McCaslin was blazing her business trail by age sixteen when, with the help of her parents, she bought a kitchen store. Today, she is one of the leading mortgage lenders in the State of Idaho. Three principles have guided her on the path to professional success: broaden your horizons, do your research, and always look at the big pic-ture.

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